Monday, October 28, 2013

Twelve Weeks Old

My sweet little girl is already twelve weeks old. Where has the time gone? 

Arya Likes:
Her blanket our friend Annie made her
Her swing
Mommy and Daddy cuddles
To 'talk'
Her new car seat! (Graco My Size 70)
Her new owl car mirror
Our Ergo carrier, she loves being worn
Arya Dislikes:
Bottles (she won't even take one, we're working on it)
Brayden's yelling (even when it's just him being happy)
Her old car seat
Daddy's ringtone on his phone
Tummy time (She thinks it's evil and does nothing but scream) 


  1. Oh she is so precious!! The time really does go by too quickly! My baby turns one next month and I could seriously cry sometimes just thinking about it! My pregnancy definitely didn't go by that fast, ha ha!
    One thing that really helped Mia like (and get the hang of) tummy time was when my hubs laid on his stomach across from her (so they were looking at each other) and he propped her arms underneath her (to hold her up) and then he did the same (while she was looking at him) and I think it helped her catch on so much quicker! She became a pro after that!

    1. Thanks! We'll definitely give that suggestion a try! It's so odd for us having a child who dislikes tummy time as much as she does because her older brother absolutely loved it :)